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02 October 2009 @ 11:16 am
towards the light  
You spoke to me of Openness. Of Light. Unbearably bright light.

And, despite the Darkness, the Heaviness, the closed doors and walls, I still saw light and open space in you. My gift and my curse has always been my Hope.

And, of course, that gullibility that dogs me.

The work to demolish those tall walls and scramble through those shadowy places would have been nothing to me, to reach you... but I started to suspect I'd never find you, anyway, and you were tight-lipped with clues, and unwilling sketch me a map.

I imagine that if I'd been more diligent, that maybe, maybe you really, desperately want to be found. That the labyrinth and booby traps to get to you are a Heroine's quest meant just for your One.

I'm not that Heroine. I'm not your savior. I've long since lost the taste for saving the helpless.

You have to grab the rope, and then, then I'l be happy to pull.

I'll miss you. I have missed you.