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Snapshots taken en route

The journey, not the destination

Bodhi means wakefulness, in the sense of an awakening, often translated as enlightenment.

In AD 61, Boadicea (or Boudicca, or various spellings), Briton queen of the Iceni, led a rebellion against the Romans, destroying the three largest Roman cities in Britain.

In this space, I will try to find a place between awareness and destruction.

I want to use this space to express light, life, joy, peace. But I also want to take pain, tears, fear and sorrow and make it into something beautiful. Something useful. I won't always use the truth to do this. I will fictionalize the truth. I will authenticate falsehoods. This is for something else. Things that feel true. It doesn't matter what really happens. I will echo beauty or inspiration I find elsewhere. And I am looking.

I am writing this for you. And you. But you'll never read it, so I am writing it for me.